Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pirates of the Caribbean 6 Movie

Pirates of the Caribbean 6 MovieAccording to the new site HitFix, POTC 4 won't be the last Pirates movie. They claim that Disney is already considering 2 more sequels that would be filmed back to back: Disney is already trying to lock a spot in the the crew's agenda. So we may expect Pirates 5 but also Pirates of the Caribbean 6, with probably six months or a year between the two releases.

There have been rumors about Disney planning to replace Jack Sparrow with a new character: it's because Johnny Depp wasn't that enthusiast about doing POTC 4 when he learned that Gore Verbinski wouldn't be on board, and also because the actor's agenda is kind of busy. But Depp did get along well with the new director Rob Marshall. So I guess Disney has revised its plan and is now trying to convince Johnny Depp to sign up for more films. Nothing set in stone yet though... Actor Johnny Depp may or may not show up as the popular Captain Jack Sparrow in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean 6.

Of course we don't know the plot of the new Pirates of the Caribbean tow-parters, but we bet there's going to be a goddamn cliffhanger between the fith and the sixth film... So let's hope that Pirates of the Caribbean 6 won't be released too late after Pirates of the Caribbean 5.

Anyway, it's too early to even speculate about Pirates of the Caribbean 6. Still, stay tuned with us: we'll update our site as soon as we get more details about Pirates of the Caribbean 6!